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Rodney Alan Greenblat

Rodney Alan Greenblat is a creator of intriguing and whimsical art. His paintings and sculptures have been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world. He is the author and illustrator of children's books including Uncle Wizzmo's New Used Car, Aunt Ippy's Museum of Junk, and Slombo the Gross, all published by Harper-Collins. He is a designer of interactive computer art and computer games for children and adults.

Rodney's sculpture was featured in the 1985 Whitney Biennial, and his work has been a major component of the East Village art scene. His first touring museum show, entitled &quotReality and Imagination, Two Taste Treats in One" premiered at Penn State University in 1987. A touring museum show called &quotLand Ho" commissioned by the Chrysler Museum of Norfolk, Virginia, opened in February of 1992. The show, which is a walk through a story book consisting of paintings, drawings, sculpture, and computer graphics, reopened in February of 1993, at the World Financial Center in New York City. Rodney's current work is represented by Gracie Mansion Fine Arts and PPOW gallery in New York City.

 Rodney Tells The Story Of Wonder Window:
The kids were bored one Sunday night so I started animating this little fly who was roaming around a guy's head. The guy's face looked irritated, and when the fly got to the right spot, the guy ate the fly. I called my creation Fly Guy, and was so pleased with myself that I began to make more animations. I happened to be having a show of my wooden sculptures in an art gallery one day so I decided to put my Macintosh movies into the show. Everybody liked them!

 Well, to make a long story short, all those Macintosh art pieces became Wonder Window. Lots of people ask me if Rodney's Wonder Window is for kids. Heck no! It's for people who like to crawl under the dining room table and play fort, or who like to make jokes while other people are drinking milk so that it comes out of their noses, or who can do a good impression of Yogi Bear. It's for everybody in the world who has ever dreamed of having an imaginary giant invisible bunny for a friend. So belt on your Rotato Heat, probe your pet, and watch out for male Tooli Bugs, 'cause Wonder Window is a way of life!

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